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With the advent of online bingo, the bingo chat has really taken off. In traditional bingo halls chatting with fellow bingo players has often been discouraged, and sometimes not allowed at all.

In online bingo however, the bingo chat is a source for entertainment and friendship. The technological advantage of playing bingo on the internet has made it possible to automate much of the bingo playing process. This way, the bingo players has plenty of time to chat about bingo on the side.This has made the bingo chat vibrant, and the first thing you notice when you sign up for an online bingo site is the buzzing bingo chat. Lately, bingo has moved into the world of digital currencies, allowing players to use Bitcoin to play bingo games. This means more fun, more chatting and potentially higher prizes as bitcoin casinos are known to offer huge payouts to their players.

Bingo welcome bonus

Another advantage of online bingo is the welcome bonus. Bingo rooms online typically offers players to double their money with the first time deposit. So if you deposit £25 for example, you can get £50 to play bingo with for free! Playing your favorite bingo game and chatting away with some extra free cash to play with isn’t too bad!

Bingo chat etiquette

With so many people engaging the bingo chat,the online bingo rooms have developed some rules and guidelines to make sure the bingo chat runs smoothly and that the players are happy. The bingo etiquette may be a little different depending on what online bingo site you’re playing at, but as long as you treat your fellow players with respect and refrain from cursing you are usually fine. Every online bingo room has a Chat Moderator or CM for short who makes sure that the bingo chat runs according to the rules and guidelines. If you want to learn more about bingo chat etiquette, you can visit the official bingo site chat rules.

Bingo Lingo

The bingo chat has developed its own “bingo lingo.” much like instant messaging, you will often see people writing different acronyms in the bingo chat such as “WTG” which is short for “Way to go!” The bingo chat is filled with different types of acronyms and other words related to bingo, but don’t worry, it won’t take long to get the hang of it. The people in the chat are very friendly and other players will be more than happy to help you if there are words you don’t understand.

Enjoy online bingo

Online bingo is all about having fun, chatting with the other players and making friends. And who knows, maybe you will hit a jackpot and win loads of money? In any case, here at bingo chat we hope you will enjoy the world online bingo, and see you in the chat box!

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